Pathological team – specialized in diagnosing therapies for common and acute medical problems, providing daily control visits and if necessary organizing further lab testing and examinations from collaborating specialists.

Pediatric Department – provides 24 hour on call assistance since accredited specialist Pediatrician is always available for treating emergencies and providing therapy with knowledge and responsibility.

Microbiological Department – this center is fully-equipped with the latest technology and is also a member of the international External Quality Control for exact lab test results. It also provides treatment 24 hours enabling patients to undergo emergency examinations.

Since SOS MEDICAL ASSISTANCE is based in Kassandra , Halkidiki, where the summer months it is inundated with a multitude of tourists, we would like to bring to your attention several of the most common ailments which you may face:

SEA URCHIN SPINES – immediate removal due to danger of infection

BEE STINGS – urgent treatment so as to avoid danger of allergic shock

TRAUMAS – immediate treatment or stitching to avoid further infection or blood loss

GASTROENTERITIS – urgent therapy to avoid dehydration either by medication of iv drips

HEAT STROKE – necessity for therapy to avoid further dehydration

OTITIS, PHARYNGITIS, CONJUNCTIVITIS etc – medication therapy in many cases antibiotics to avoid more complicated ailments

SUN BURNS – immediate treatment with dressings, antibiotics and immediate relief (many insurances do not cover this diagnosis)


  • Treatment of acute pathological problems.
  • Daily check ups when deemed necessary.
  • Complete lab testing when specified by doctor.