The Pathology department is staffed with specialized doctors so as to immediately diagnose and treat acute medical problems as well as common ailments. If necessary the doctor will organize lab testing and thereafter prescribe the accurate pharmaceutical therapy.


  • Treatment of simple and acute pathological cases
  • Daily medical visits when necessary and cooperation with doctors in other specialized fields of medicine
  • Complete diagnostic and lab testing providing medicinal therapy
  • Implementation of the most modern treatment methods

The location of the SOS Medical Assistance offices in Pefkohori, Polichrono and Kriopigi are popular tourist destinations during the summer months.

For your information we would like to bring to your attention some of the most common ailments which many tourists suffer from:

Sea Urchin Spines – immediate removal of spines otherwise danger of infection

Bee/wasp stings – immediate antihistamine or cortisone therapy due to possibility of acute allergic reaction or allergic shock

Otitis/Ear Infections – correct pharmaceutical therapy to alleviate acoustic problems and pain

Pharyngitis – antibiotic therapy to reduce further infection

Infections/Traumas – suturing or localized treatment and prescription of antibiotic therapy

Gastroenteritis – immediate treatment due to risk of electrolyte imbalances and dehydration

Conjunctivitis/Eye infection – medicinal eye drop therapy to improve eye vision and alleviate pain , redness and blurriness

Sun burn/sun stroke *– treatment of burns to provide immediate relief and danger of infection and dehydration

*Many insurance companies do not cover medical costs for sunburns

The SOS Medical Assistance staff is fully aware that for one to become ill during vacation is quite unpleasant for himself and his companions, for this reason we are at your disposal around the clock and we will visit you whenever and wherever you call us.